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Those endless days, those sacred days

Betting your bottom dollar since the Summer of Love

7 August
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I write entertainment pieces, reviews and features for the Chronicle-Herald newspaper here in the bustling port city of Halifax. I have way too much stuff. I love anything that will get me out of the house, whether it's a movie, a live gig, a long drive, Scrabble in a cafe (or bar, I'm no snob), a new restaurant, a bike ride or yard sale-ing. I love the obscure, the weird, the off-base and alien. I make awesome mix-CDs, but not without the right inspiration.

I also host a radio show called Moxieland on Monday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon (AST) on CKDU 88.1 FM. You can listen on-air, or through the website at http://www.ckdu.ca, or go to the website and try and use the archived programs function (it can be cranky). The show is eclectic as hell, but that's life for you.